Chisel 3D builds large-scale, three-dimensional pieces for custom themed environments. Our work is used for marketing purposes including trade show booths, experiential events, retail displays and billboards. It is also used to enhance permanent spaces such as building lobbies, museum exhibits, outdoor signs and public art installations. Since every Chisel 3D piece is custom, our work begins at the drawing board – literally and figuratively. Even if our clients know exactly what they want (and sometimes they don't), it's our job to find the best, most cost-effective way to design and build it. This proprietary process, which combines engineering, technology, art and fabrication, is called 3DimensioneeringTM.

3Dimensioneering is unique in the themed environment design and fabrication industry because it guides us to consider every aspect of the project from a three-dimensional point of view. We would not, for example, blow up a flat graphic into something with a front and a back and call it 3D. We don't carve close facsimiles of products and hope our clients' customers make the connection. We never just "hope" an armature or surface coating will be strong enough to withstand the conditions. We apply the highest quality standards to every facet of every job to ensure outstanding three-dimensional pieces that are even better than our clients could have imagined.  

3Dimensioneering is a complex series of steps that starts with design. Sometimes we design an object or environment from scratch; other times we tweak the client's design to accommodate the laws of physics or address issues that could compromise mechanical or artistic integrity. After everyone agrees on what we're building, we translate the design into digital files that tell our computer-controlled carving equipment exactly what parts to produce. This technology eliminates guesswork to achieve accurate scale and replication, and gives our sculptors the perfect foundation on which to add lifelike details and dimension.

At the same time Chisel 3D sculptors are bringing a project to life artistically, our fabrication team works on another part of 3Dimensioneering: the structural components. A 20-foot-tall hand, for instance, must have a steel armature inside to give it the strength to stand upright and be transported on a flatbed truck. A 15-foot relief hung from the side of a building has to have the right cleats built in so it can be installed easily and safely. Even lightweight, single-use items must be designed and made so they can be packed and shipped economically and without damage.

Once the functional and artistic elements of 3Dimensioneering come together, it's time to make our pieces durable and impact resistant. We offer our clients two options: hard polyurethane plastic, which we spray with our advanced plural hard-coat system, or fiberglassing. We're well-versed on fire-rated material and other technical details to meet a wide range of specifications. After this step are finishing and painting – the final 3Dimensioneering touches.

As anyone in the themed environment design industry will attest, there is no manual for building custom, three-dimensional pieces. Chisel 3D developed 3Dimensioneering to give us a consistent process with plenty of room for creativity and innovation. Most importantly, we developed it to guarantee our clients top quality work that's even better than they imagined.