NBA players are big, but Chisel 3D and marketing agency CSE are taking Atlanta Hawks superstar Paul Millsap to new heights. The venture began when CSE decided to feature a much-bigger-than-life Millsap on an interstate billboard promoting the team and a contest. Everyone agreed a three-dimensional sculpture would have the most impact, so naturally they called Chisel 3D.

The 3D billboard design features Millsap dunking the basketball and hanging from the rim in awe-inspiring NBA style. To give the piece structural integrity and achieve the desired effect, the Chisel 3D crew fabricated a steel armature to go inside the sculpted figure and attach to the billboard. They worked from photos to capture Millsap's likeness and his understated but powerful persona. A backboard, hoop and ball swooshing through the net complete the story--a slam dunk for everyone on the Hawks, CSE and Chisel 3D teams.