When we started Chisel 3D back in 2007, the first thing on our marketing to-do list was to design a logo that conveys what we do, which is creating three-dimensional sculpture and props for themed environments. It had to work in print and electronic media, of course, but it also had to be designed to demonstrate the power of dimensional pieces in the marketplace. Atlanta designer Donald Bermudez, of Studio Named Bermudez, hit the mark perfectly. We were able to dimensionalize his design in a number of ways, including a 10-foot sign on the outside of our building. Since then, we’ve created dimensionalized logos and brand icons for a number of customers like Leading Edge Communications who wanted to draw more attention to their brands. Together, we keep coming up with more and more ways to use 3D versions of company logos and icons to increase business. Here are 10 places customers are using dimensional logos and icons to enhance their brands and boost business. There are bound to be other creative ideas out there, so we’ll keep adding to the list!

  1. Trade show booth
  2. Reception area
  3. Outside or on top of a building
  4. Temporary kiosk
  5. Sales meetings and conferences
  6. Videos
  7. Internal events
  8. Product launches
  9. Marketing events
  10. Office or venue décor