If there was a world record for helping people set world records, Chisel 3D would most certainly be in the running. A request from the ad agency representing Musselman’s Apple Sauce is one such example. They asked us to create a bowl big enough to achieve the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Bowl of Applesauce – 716 pounds, to be exact!

Building an eight-foot-wide, four-foot-tall applesauce bowl may sound strange to some, but Chisel 3D has been in the business of enlarging products and enlivening environments on a grand scale for years. “It’s just another day at the office,” says Chisel 3D owner and president, Gary Bystrom.

The world record-setting Musselman’s feat was not our first foray into tackling Guinness-worthy achievements. Just three years ago, we were charged with a similar attention-grabbing project: constructing a coffee mug big enough to – you guessed it – set the record for the World’s Largest Cup of Coffee. With our oversized coffee cup replica and 2,010 gallons of fresh brewed coffee from GourmetGiftBaskets.com, the Guinness World Record was set.

Is it a coincidence that companies striving for wacky accomplishments call on Chisel 3D? According to Bystrom, the underlying draw among these customers is the desire to attract and engage people in their brands. “The collaboration is natural,” he says. “We know how to turn big, wildly creative ideas into high quality environments and sculptural pieces that make lasting impressions on audiences. We’re always excited to be part of projects like these that generate so much publicity and pride for our customers.”